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Partial Powers System

In the All Roads Lead to Amber game, we utilize a tiered approach to the Partial Powers system commonly used in many Amber Diceless games. This is both to keep the ambiguity of the original system, as well as the flexibility of the Partial Powers system. Generally, in a conflict between two people using powers, the higher tier power will win. Ties will often go to the higher Psyche, with weighting given for certain powers. The following powers are the publicly known levels and powers of All Roads Lead to Amber

Dramatis Personae

Oberon Barimen is the King of Amber, and the one true lord of all that is Real. Those who bear his blood, his children and grandchildren, have inherited more than just his power. This is the story of the children of Oberon, in their trials and tribulations ahead.

  • Of Cymnea of Eaton
  • Hexion Barimen, formerly Prince in Exile (deceased)
  • Enonia of Shadow, born out of wedlock
  • Of Paulette of the Eastern Marches
  • Aiden Barimen, Former King of Amber

Supporting Cast

While not all the story rests upon the shoulders of the key characters, there are always those whose movements in the shadows can change the world.

The Next Generation

Born after the defeat of the Sorceror’s Rebellion, and coming into their own during the isolation that followed the War of the Black Road, the next generation of the Children of Amber are a varied lot. Mimicking their parents in power, at very least, time will tell if they follow in the footsteps of their actions.

Items of Power

Recurring throughout the stories of Oberon’s children are certain items of Power. While some contain a fraction of true Reality within them, others are simply mysterious sources of power and change.

The Golden Circle

The alliance of Shadows gathered by Oberon and connected by the Golden Pathways. They are a trade alliance that provides Amber with its significant amount of political clout.

The Courts of Chaos

Gathered around Firegate and the Logrus, and ruled by High King Swayville, this is an ancient society of shapeshifters and sorcerors who control vast stretches of Shadow through their mastery of the Logrus.

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