Octavius Barimen


Tall, dressed in the finest thing, he looks much more like brash young notability than a seasoned veteran. Most people have never seen him unarmed. Three swords adorne his belt. On his left arm there is heavy gauntlet and small buckler like shield. The armor he wears is roman style breastplate with light armor in other places. All of swords and armor bear both his personal symbol, and drawing of the pattern. there is a rumor he even has a tattoo of the pattern.

When he was first on the scene in Amber he was regarded for his skill with the blade. Now he is rumored to also be a great master of magic.


First son Caius Barimen and Gwynevere of Avalon.


Octavius is the first member of the second generation to have walked the Pattern.


Avalon: Crown Prince of Avalon.

Amber: Seneschal of Amber


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