“Cranmore. Thedrick. Hexion. Mandor. Herrick. Ioggia. Rathe. Aiden.”

Julia has a list of names that she repeats every evening before she sleeps, and every morning when she first wakes up. It is a name committed to memory, and spoken nearly by rote. She repeats it in times of struggle, and when she needs to call upon inner strength to surge forth. With every practice cut and every piece of strategy, she repeats a name on her list. When asked what they mean, her answer is simple. These are the names of those she will kill.


Standing just shy of six feet tall, Julia cuts an imposing figure. Very much her father’s daughter, her hair is coal black and straight. She cuts it long, and it is usually woven into a tight braid, and tucked into a bun. Her figure is slim and muscular, a result of the little softness in her spartan regimen. Her face is long, with sharp cheekbones and deep set, cerulean blue eyes. The only trait she has inherited from her mother is a darker complexion than her father’s, but not by much. Julia favors blacks and navy blues in her clothing, dressing as if expecting battle at any moment. She typically wears leather breeches and well-oiled mail over a blue doublet. She carried Carradoc on her hip, and has a long thin dirk on the other. She has adopted for her personal symbol a silver wolf on a field of navy blue, done in the Avalonian style.


While Caius hated by nature, his daughter hates by deliberate choice. There is a viciousness inside Julia, carefully tended and sharpened like a blade. She has no room for mercy in her heart, nor much room for subtlety as well. More than capable of handling other emotions, it is to her hate that Julia returns to keep her mind and soul whole. When she is not obsessing over her sworn enemies, Julia has a tendency to be brooding and short-tempered. In the rare occassions when she opens up, she reveals a woman of great depth and insight, which only makes the deliberate choice to hate all the more tragic.

Champion of Avalon

After the fall of Black Road, Julia was trapped in a Shadow with her uncle Amon and his loyal Ardenite, Jonas. Despite Amon’s constant insistence, nothing more than a passing respect developed between Julia and Jonas. Amon, however, managed to wear some of the edges of Julia’s personality down. Since the way to Avalon returned, Julia travelled to her homeland, and was truly happy to see her father and mother healthy and well. Staying in Avalon, Julia nearly considered giving up her list to simply enjoy life with those she loved. It proved, however, to ultimately be against her nature, as she found herself growing restless with the peace and safety of Avalon. She had lived her entire life under a state of waiting for the enemy to strike. Without the threat at Avalon’s gates, she found herself unable to be at peace. As the centennial of Amber’s victory draws near, Julia’s eyes begin to consider the stretches of Shadow, and her heart remembers her list.


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