“What’s the point to having power if you have to use it responsibly?”

The elder child of Paulette and Oberon is far from being precocious, when held in comparison to her various older siblings. Born after the Sorcerer’s Rebellion, she simply was not alive for the war that changed Amber so deeply, and simply cannot grasp what was lost. She is a creature suited for the new world, adaptable and cunning. She can often be found in the court of Amber itself, or down in the city proper, socializing with the nobles of the kingdom. She keeps them busy with their own interests and concerns, playing the games of politics with a natural ease. In the family, while she openly utilizes sorcery, she has put off walking the Pattern. She claims she’s just not ready for it yet.


With long, honeysuckle blonde hair pulled into a loose braid and reaching the middle of her back, Hala inherited the best of both her parents in appearance. She’s just short of being genuinely tall, with an athletic frame and healthy build. Her skin is often lightly tanned, and she has the uniquely stark green eyes that mark her clearly as Oberon’s daughter. She dresses fashionably for whatever the occassion, and keeping up with her changes in fashion is often a standing challenge in Amber’s social circles. She seems to favor the colors of gold and white, however, and her personal symbol is a golden hyacinth on a field of blanc.


If there is one thing that remains constant about Hala, it is her lack of apparent ambition. While more than capable of nearly any task, with both razor sharp wit and impeccable grace, she seems to concern herself with daily pursuits of whatever pleasures catch her attention. She has a not-entirely-undeserved reputation for capriciousness, and while she does entertain the interests of suitors in the court, she seems more interested in what they are willing to do to each other to win her favor than anything else. Hala is always busy doing something, but what she is doing never seems serious enough that she is not willing to set it down to pay attention to something new and shiny.

Disappearance and Return

Hala’s disappearance before the War of the Black Road managed to escape virtually unnoticed by her siblings, until the ty’iga responsible for it used it as a bargaining chip. It turned out that she had noticed the change in her mother’s behavior and went after the ty’iga. She had no experience in battle a true daemon, however, and when her sorcery failed, she found herself easily defeated by the powerful denizen of the Abyss. Locked away in the dungeon of Castle Amber, and kept in a drug-induced coma for several months. Once freed by her siblings, she has spent her time recovering in Earth, where she has risen to some degree of fame as an accomplished jazz percussionist living in Paris.

Patron of Earth

In the year of the War of the Black Road, Hala remained on Rhys’s Earth with the gathered grandchildren of Oberon. She provided them with an alternative role model to Rhys’s stern, if well-meaning guidance, and gave them a perspective that was not available to man of his restraint. In guiding the next generation, Hala herself grew more confident and mature in her capacities, coming to see herself as someone who had to be more than simply complacent. She wished to protect them, and in a way, prevent them from becoming like her siblings in their pettiness and anger. While Tomo was the first the walk Earth’s Pattern, it was Hala who assayed it before any of those who had never walked a Pattern before did so. It was a harrowing ordeal, as is the walking of any Pattern, but the Hala that emerged in the center had changed for the better.

Still capricious and cunning, Hala is far from the flighty and silly girl of her youth. Using a vast wealth accumulated through key investments and resources, Hala quickly integrated herself into nearly all levels of power throughout Earth. Under the name of Helen Barringer, Hala placed her finger firmly on the pulse of her new home, and became more than simply an observer. She became a political power player, wielding the shadowy might of an indomitable CEO of one of Earth’s first hypercorps. While she admits that Earth is not a world where only one can rule, it is one that still respects power and boldness. As Oberon’s daughter, Hala carries both in spades. From her position of power, she has fostered and guided the second generation of Amber’s children alongside Rhys, allowing them the freedom to use, and abuse, their true power.

Actress: Rachel McAdams


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