“It is better to regret the things you have done, than the things you haven’t.”

Brutus has had a history of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and not being able to do anything about it. He was unable to stop Hexion from kidnapping Clarissa from Avalon. He was unable to stop Duke Cranmore from killing Gwynevere during the War of the Black Road. He was far from his home when his father was kicked into the Abyss. As he walked the Pattern of Earth, Brutus made himself a vow. No more would he let things happen, powerless to stop them. Brutus has devoted himself to being an active player in the world around him, and to not sit idly by again.


Brutus has grown in to a powerful, if somewhat short, man. Inheriting both his mothers darker complexion and her diminutive stature, Brutus is a little more than five and a half feet tall. He makes up for it in his build, for he is broad chested, and heavily muscled. His hands carry thick callouses from decades of unarmed combat training. His hair is the dark black of his father’s, kept short and trim. A light beard persists on his face on most days, though he shaves often. He favors greens in his clothing, often wearing a green dress shirt unbuttoned over blue jeans and a white t-shirt. Since his return to Avalon, he has taken as his personal symbol a silver bear on a field of green, in the style of the royal symbols.


While at times cheerful and carefree, Brutus’s life is far from untroubled. He has a short temper, and can be extremely moody at times, changing from happy to angry to sad in a moment’s notice. He has a strong sense of responsibility, however, and will put himself at great personal risk to protect people he cares about. He is rather close to cousins with whom he grew up with on Earth, especially Hector and Adam, and his sparring matches with Hector are truly an amazing display of two masters of unarmed combat. Brutus is rather impulsive at times, however, and will often speak before fully realizing the meaning of his words, which leads to no end of embarassment for him.

Seeking the Next Challenge

For as long as Brutus has been able to, he has been training to fight. Eschewing traditional weapons and the strategy of armies, Brutus chose to devote himself to the mastery of unarmed combat. An expert boxer, grappler, and martial artist, there is not an unarmed fighting style in the various stretches of Earth’s influence Brutus has not studied extensively and incorporated into his own training. Once Earth no longer held any more forms for him to study, he began forming his own styles, his innovations earning him no small amount of fame among fighting circles. During Earth’s assault on Cranmore’s forces in Avalon, Brutus sought the Demon Duke out in personal combat. Brutus survived, but only by the intervention of his uncle Rhys.

Grievously injured, but happy to be free of the burden of his guilt over his mother’s death, Brutus remained in Avalon for many years, simply to be around his parents again. In time, however, the desire to see Shadow grew in Brutus, and he began once more to traverse it. In it, he seeks the next challenge ahead of him, prepared to face it head on and confident.


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