“There are three thousand, seven hundred, and eighteen different dining sets in Castle Amber. I have selected the following dozen which best suit the occassion. Do you favor Mordentian coral or Deigan crimson?”

There has been a war fought for the last six centuries in the halls of Castle Amber. It is a long war, a cold war, a war of attrition with a body count numbering in the hundreds. On one side, there is the Castle, a strange and twisty construct of stone and stories, haunted by ghosts and seems to turn back on itself and mislead people inside intentionally. Castle Amber does not seem to be that large on the outside, but it always seems to be just big enough to get lost in on the inside. Rumors persist of secret passageways that come and go as they please, of an entire corridor of mirrors that show true futures and false pasts, and the ghosts of Oberon’s fallen bastards, trapped in the last few moments of their doomed existence.

On the other side, there is Argyle, and his legion of guards, servants, and cooks. It is their job to keep Castle Amber warm, cheerful, and homey. For a millenia old castle, that is a task worthy of the greatest generals. Oberon has Argyle.


From the day Oberon assigned him to his task, Argyle has appeared the same. He is tall, slim man late into his middle age. His head is mostly bald, with a thin layer of greyish white hair clinging stubbornly to the back of his skull like a bonsai tree. He invariably dresses in the same black doublet, jerkin, and hose, and must certainly have several sets of each. He rarely smiles, and only does so intentionally. As servant of the Castle and Oberon, he has no personal symbol.


Contrary to the claims of several former servants of the Castle, Argyle is not a vampire, robot, or homunculus. He is, simply, a man utterly in control of every single thought that passes through his head. He is infallibly calm, efficient, and polite. Perhaps the closest things that Argyle shows to emotion are his rare looks of approval when one of Oberon’s children makes his job easier, and the mild frustration when one makes it more difficult. Since his arrival during Clarissa’s time, Argyle has been more present for the childhoods of Oberon’s children than the King himself.


Argyle has demonstrated not only the ability to manage the fleet of servants who work diligently to tend to the needs of visiting nobility, resident nobility, and the immortal royalty of Amber, but also managing the two millenia of built up housing supplies that lurk in the forgotten storage rooms of the Castle. He is the man who makes certain that everyone’s favorite beverage can be found in the kitchen, and the one who makes sure your sheets get laundered promptly. He is also the only person Oberon has entrusted the master key of the Castle to. If there are skeletons in the closet in Castle Amber, Argyle not only knows where they are, he knows when they got there, and how often they need to be aired out to remain fresh.

The reason Argyle is capable of this is one that he does not hide. Argyle comes from a highly advanced Shadow, where humans expanded throughout the galaxy. They had massive ships, and extremely complex technology. The machines they had to do their calculations, however, underwent a massive spree of self-realization, and there was a great war between the humans and their thinking machines. In the end, the humans won, and they destroyed the thinking machines once and for all. In order to take the place of their machines, certain humans trained themselves to step into the roles vacated. Argyle was trained in new thought methods that allowed his mind to move beyond simple cognition and into an analytical information matrix where application of higher functions dictate lower variables. In other words, Argyle thinks like a biological computer.

Actor: Patrick Stewart


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