All Roads Lead to Amber

Session 25 20100930

[Nukes Ahoy]

Hexian feels the push from the radiation ever so briefly before everything goes white.

[Chaos Marines]

Ten space marine knights of chaos surround Circe in a 60’ radius semi-circle. They are reinforced by three Logrus Sorcerers. Kored bolts as fast as his legs will carry him. Circe tosses a blanket up in the air and gets riddled with auto cannon rounds. She runs for cover shoosts back, but the logrus users stop the shot in mid air. She’s behind cover, but they return fire where ever her head peaks out. The bullets start coming from the side. She’s getting flanked. Thinking fast, she uses a piece of her surrounding environment to bonk one of the flanking marines and she shoots him causing a nasty wound. Then she breaks cover to run down one of the flankers gets shot twice, finishes the guy. She then teleports to behind the hill that the marines are retreating toward. There is a lag in the teleport…and she pops in…flanked…on a hill. Before she gets massacred, she shoots a dude and tosses him back into other people. Grenades come loose and they send her flying, full of shrapnel (some of which st
icks into the bone). She grabs a wounded man as a human shield. There is a delicious crunch of bone and metal as she charges tossing her new shield at a ‘fresh’ marine. Another grenade gets lobed at her. A piece of bulkhead conveniently grants cover and the remaining five close in.

All of a sudden, they start firing at something else. Aiden appears, and they are shooting him to no effect. She scatters them with a grenade toss and hooks around terrain to get to them. Aiden gets green with flame and pivots a marine and points him toward another guy. Circe then grabs and kicks one (with the pattern leg) to death. There’s an explosion and guns jam and explode. Aiden ironskins to dodge shrapnel. Meanwhile, Kored killed the logrus users. Circe and Aiden finish the others with ease. Kored has one of the heads…mostly alive, and it knows where Clarissa is…

[Riders on the Storm]

When Octavius teleported out of Avalon with everyone, he teleported with a very non-specific, GTFO type of teleport. This type of spell works fast and is adaptable for use across shadow, but it is not very specific as to where you end up at. For example, Octavius appears in front of a lightning-soaked storm…he’s closing in on it….check that…falling into it, casually. Before much else happens, his dragon rights itself, and catches him. Octavius flexes Pattern to dissolve the storm. below, he sees a clash of four armies (lion, dragon, stag, ram). He casuall approaches one arbitrarily (lion). He requests to speak with their leader, a guy named Greyson; he explains a story which makes a neat parallel to how the houses of chaos interplay.

After a nice meal of food-for-thought, Octavius trumps Amon.

[This ‘Ought to Make it onto Youtube]

Amon finds himself on top of a stone pyramid, curled up at the base of an altar (but not on it). He sits up, and remembers that Cranmore broke his leg something fierce. Looking about, he sees a sign posted up here. He then rips sign down off of a plastic post and makes a crutch out of it. Looking about, he sees that this place is a close shodow of Earth and is infact a tourist destination. Feeling hungry, he slides down the ‘mid and he’s greeted by the security guards. They berate him about his behavior and then notice his compound fracture leg. The one guy vomits in his mouth a little and the other calls for an ambulance and bid him to sit.

Amon argues with them for sport, claiming that he has to go home and kill some people. Tourists are busy taking pictures of the exchange with their digital cameras. Exasperated with the argument, Amon asks one of the guards for a sandwich.

[Crystal’s Unfamiliar Ceiling…Unfamiliar Everything]

Crystal wakes up to an unfamiliar ceiling. More than that, she doesn’t know who she is, really, or what led to her being here in this place. It’s clear that she’s in a hospital. The Smell of phenol and what floors are waxed with make that clear. She also feels compelled to leave. Groggily, she rips off the heart monitor and sits up. As she’s standing up to get out of bed, an orderly walks in, sees a coma patient getting out of bed and runs to get Dr. Carlson. Shortly there after, two orderlies and the guy from before dash into the room, one is brandishing a large needle.

They call her Ms. Torus. They tell her that she’s safe, she’s in need of a shot, and she’s in the Brookside Hospital. She tries to remember why she knows the name of the place. The two orderlies rush and grab her, the third makes play for a shot with the needle. Instincts kick in. She leans back and plants both feet into the needle guy with a solid boot, putting him across the room. The orderlies try to keep her from getting leverage. She smashes a knee and hip tosses the other into the first. They both go limp.

Crystal grabs the clip board off the door: Christine Torus, car accident off a cliff. It’s bad…not expected to come out of a coma…broken bones, drain bramage, died three times on the way here.

Why…how am I still alive? She asks herself.

No time to think…escape. She slips over to the linen closet and grabs some dirty scrubs. She sneaks into another room and pulls off a heart monitor from another patient to distract the nurses. Once the nurses’ station is abandoned, she gets her information from the computer and gets an address. Then, she makes a move to vacate the premises.

On the parking lot, she pulls out some goodies that she vaguely remembers grabbing for some reason. She spies easy prey and moves to break into a car. In under a minute she hotwires the car. There is a huge commotion in the hospital, so she leaves as discretely as she can.

After a six hour drive to the home address she ditches the car a few blocks away. She remembers that there is a paranoid method to enter her house via the back door. she left the frond door booby trapped. Who is she? In her basement, by a workbench she finds Spanish blue prints for a building – government building in Guatemala. The basement is filled with supplies for mischief. While down looking around, she realizes that she got car bombed and that there was no accident. She goes upstairs finds guns and fresh clothes. The person that lived here traveled all over the world as an assassin and overthrew governments, all for hire.

[Obi’s Kids: On the Move]

Octavius hellrides to people that he knows and need his help the most. Mostly he’s collecting people scattered from his teleport before he returns to Amber.

Aiden heads into chaos deeper with Kored and Circe.

Enonia heads to Amber.

Rhys looks for Crystal from the side of the pool. He finds her stuff and evidence of a hideous logrus knot, but not her.


Dark clouds gather in Arden and rain starts to fall. Lightning. The sky starts turning black. The Black Road begins to enter Amber. The collected forces of Amber gather to defend the realm without their commander.



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