All Roads Lead to Amber

Session 23 20100819

[War Pigs]

Chaos gathers its forces in the Shadow formally known as Avalon. Attacks are being reported all about the golden circle by beasts of chaos. The various members of the Barimen family poise them selves in there own unique ways to address the challenges of the day. That being said, whether it’s paranoia, selfish ambitions, or status quo for the family, there is no concerted effort to organize everyone into a specific plan. In fact the current plan hasn’t a leader at this point, but most of the fighting members of the family are marshaled into a semblance of an understanding, with the rest being “wild cards”. Can Oberon’s progeny defend his legacy, or are they all boned?

Since most of last session occurred “In the Hallway”, this week’s log breaks the 4th wall and provides a quick re-cap on who is where. First there’s a group on Earth as it may very well be the safest place in the Cosmos for anyone in this family. Reese (Rhys) and Tomo have chosen to wage war from the pool. Reese is dropping hydrogen bombs with a short fuse through his Pattern Lens right into the forces that are marching toward Amber. This quickly gives a kill count in the millions. Anyone in the middle or upper management of the army’s chain of command have figured out that if anything weird that is Pattern related appears, they should bug out. This cowardly propensity is useful for Tomo who can easily identify them (again…from a swimming pool) and snipes them through shadow with her lance. In addition to the rest of the Barringer family, Hala, Brutus, Rosaline (last time anyone checked), Enonia, and Enonia’s children Hector and Lily, are all living on Earth for the time being.

There is also a large contingent of people descending on Avalon. Caius was last known to be working in the area with six hand-picked Ardenites. Julia sets of for a campaign of revenge in the direction of Avalon. Octavius mobilizes his forces and begins a counter attack toward Avalon. As he’s getting organized, he gets trumped by Argyle who tells Octavius that a courier has arrived with a message for him. In reality, it is one of Caius’ men sent back for reinforcements. Octavius leaves with his forces and intercepts Circe, Amon, and Jonas en route. Jonas and Amon join up and Circe take a convenient trump call (why do people still trust it?). Hexian also heads down to Avalon…as it’s always a party when Hexian arrives in Avalon. Hexian has taken the direct path which is one fight after another, after another, after another, like it’s open season on Knights of Chaos. Eventually on the road, he encounters a corporate-dressed “representative” from a “nameless, like-minded consortium in Chaos”. The pitch is familiar to the one Rhys listened to but the sales drone added a twist in which the Blood War becomes one that isn’t a total war. Perhaps they have a point, or perhaps they are just pandering to the ever militant Hexian. Either way he doesn’t bite, but he doesn’t smite the messenger either. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen when everyone gets to Avalon.

Crystal, Aiden, Circe, and Marek are all floating about un-accounted for. Perhaps they will do something to bring the war to Chaos. Either way, it’s about to all get Real…or it’s all coming to an ugly end.

… To be continued…



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