All Roads Lead to Amber

“It was something that Dworkin once said to me. I never really did understand it, but I guess that was the nature of the beast. The man was insane, and what seemed to be just a turn of phrase led the key to some deep, philosophical understanding. I remember the day, though. It was just before I walked the Pattern for the first time. The old man watched me cautiously, and the hunchbacked wizard did his final blessings and preparations, and then looked me dead in the eyes. He cracked a quirky little smile, and told me ‘All is but light and shadow.’ I wanted to ask for more of an explanation, but then it was time to walk, and when you walk the Pattern, you can’t ever look back.”

-Marek Barimen, Sorcerer Prince of Amber

Welcome to the primary internet resource for the Amber Diceless game “All Roads Lead To Amber”. This is a bi-weekly game running on Thursday nights in the greater Boston area. It is an Amethyst game, and as such, the player characters are the first generation of Amberites. We utilized a tiered approach to the Partial Power System, with character advancement happening at the end of every arc. This game is planned for 5 arcs.

  • Sessions 1 – 6: The Sorcerer’s Rebellion
  • Sessions 7 – 14: Shadow Games
  • Sessions 15 – 21: The Empty Throne
  • Sessions 22 – 28: The War of the Black Road
  • Sessions 29 – 35: Endings and Beginnings

I would like to thank John S. for finding this website, and bringing it to my attention.

[Note from John S.: Penny Arcade brought this website to my attention.]


  • And that was all she wrote. Thank you all for a good two years of gaming!
  • The Last Word is open on the Forums for any and all sort of feedback. Please, stop by and drop a line.

To My Players

It’s been a long road, and it was harder for some to get here than others. It has been nearly 2 years since I started this game, and out of my ten players, I still have eight. This is better than I expected, honestly. To the players who we lost on the way, thank you for your characters. Even if they did not reach the end, they made the story better for being in it. To the player of Hexion, I am sorry your character died, but he changed the world while he was in it. To the other players who have been there the whole time, thank you for sticking with me down this road, and making this a damn good story.

Amber is a hard game to run, and a hard game to play. It requires you to never think things out too far in advance, and always be willing to make it up on the fly. This game had a wide breath of supporting characters, and most of them were made by player impetus. As much as this is my game, this was your game, and it would not have been the same without you, without any of you. I feel a sense of accomplishment as we near the end of this game, and I hope I am not the only one.

Not every game gets to run its full course. This game has. And that means the world to me. Thank you all.