Trumps of Doom

Lost throughout Shadow, the Trumps of Doom are things of rumor and legend. Mentioned three times in the Book of the Unicorn, and described in several of the apocrypha of the Church, these cards are traditionally associated with Dworkin from his time before the creation of the Pattern. In the history of the Kingdom of Amber, they have only ever been seen four times, and none have ever been knowingly used by anyone aside from Dworkin. The Trumps of Doom are a mystery.


According to legend, a Trump of Doom is identical on one side to any of the tradition Trumps of Amber. It is the size of a normal Tarot card, with one side detailed with the silhouette of a black unicorn, rampant, inside a penant of green. It is on a field of intricate purple and blue geometric designs. The other side, where a Trump portrait would sit, it is simply blank. However, the surface is still unmistakably a Trump, easily sensed by anyone who handles it.

Known Powers

  • Contains an unknown Trump image
  • There are supposedly 13 of them

Trumps of Doom

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