“Audentis fortuna iuvat.”

Tomo Barringer was born before the ecological disaster caused by the first SBA appeared, and grew up in a world where technology and culture abound. As a young adult, she watched the only true home she knew be struck a deadly blow. She has worked tirelessly since that day to see it rebuilt. Tomo sees herself as more than simply the child of Rhys of Amber. She is the incarnation of the Shadow of her birth. And if the things of Shadow seek to destroy her world, then she shall visit a fate upon them that they cannot imagine. It will not be a war. It will be pest control.


Standing at just over 5’ 9’’, or as she would say, 1.75 meters, Tomo most strongly resembles her mother physically. She has a slender, but muscular figure that speaks of a military regimen and easy grace. Her skin is pale, with just a hint of olive coloring to it. Her black hair is straight, and she keeps it cut just above her shoulders. She wears clothing typical of her upbringing and military rank. She favors black BDU pants with combat boots, and a tight white blouse. She often wears a half-sleeved, red leather jacket over that, and bears a beret with the markings of her rank in the united military of Shadow Earth. She walks with a distinct military bearing to her steps, and while she does not eschew make-up, her one true vanity is a necklace made from some strange metal that bears an etching of the Sign of Pattern.


There is very little that can catch Tomo offguard, though she knows her experience is somewhat limited. Still, confidence comes easily to her, but she is not quite cocky. She has an insightful knowledge of her own capabilities, and a willingness to push her boundaries when necessary. She is very accepting of things, once the initial shock of something new and strange has passed. She is perceptive in conversation, and will often reveal insights she has garnered from others’ unintentional slip ups to keep the balance of power firmly in her favor. Finally, she has, perhaps, a tendency to be somewhat single-minded when given a task, and will often ignore potential danger and consequences in favor of achieving a desired goal.

Actress: Jenna Ushkowitz


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