Rosaline Barimen is the eldest daughter of Oberon and Clarissa, his third wife. Rosaline stands about 5’7 in height. She has curly red hair framing her pale skin and dark green eyes. She is not muscular or toned; rather she is light and lithe, but surprisingly tough. Rosaline can take more of a beating than most give her credit for. She is considered the family Trump artist, although she’ll admit to anyone who asks that Jonathan is much more advanced than her. Her description changes drastically in the last hundred years, so this section is split in two, much like her history:

BEFORE (as in, before Jonathan’s disappearance)

As a child and young adult, she dressed in the fashion of Amber, flowing skirts and blouses underneath elegant velvet lined bodices. She was rarely seen without a sketchbook in hand and a feathered quill tucked in her loosely gathered hair.

You’d be lucky if you found Rosaline outside of the workshops she inherited from Dworkin. When out, she wandered the castle but didn’t seem to be looking for anything in particular. She disappeared into her workshops frequently and didn’t come out for days. Ink and paint stained her skin fairly often. She spent much of her time working on her Trump or otherwise just sketching and painting.

While not openly sociable, she was soft and kind to all her siblings, hiding well any differing personal opinions. As Oberon’s eldest daughter, she made herself open and available to anyone needing some type of motherly or sisterly attention and guidance. Few topics, however, livened her face and opened her to rambling for hours: art, Trump, researching Dworkin’s notes, and her three favorite people; Dworkin himself, her mother, and Jonathan.

AFTER (the past hundred years)

Rosaline’s time in Amber lessened and her adventures in Shadow increased, and this brought about a necessary change in clothing: pants tucked into combat-style boots, loose-fitting men’s blouse underneath a sparse, supportive yet flexible corset. Her hair is down and free in a tangle of red curls and clipped back away from her face. Her more versatile clothing helps adapt to any adventures her travels bring her to.

And boy, does she travel. In the hundred years since the end of the war and Jonathan’s disappearance, she has spent a total of about a month in Amber, and even then it was only to perform her duties as Trump artist to add any new siblings to the family deck. Rosaline traveled through Shadow to Shadow, tracking down any clues or signs of Jonathan. Her home, a small cottage in a small, apparently to her uninhabited Shadow, is where she spends any downtime. Calls to siblings are rarely made, as are calls answered. To most, it seems as if she has completely and deliberately secluded herself into solitude.

Rosaline has continued her art, although the images and themes have become darker. She’s put her mind to her studies with even more exuberance and has greatly improved her Amberite talents. She’s developed the habit of talking to herself and doesn’t care if it makes her seem crazy. Only two thoughts occupy her mind, and only one she is willing to talk about: finding Jonathan. Others believe him dead at this point, but she maintains he is still alive somewhere: “I would know if something happened.”


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