“It’s Crystal not “Chris-tall”! I’m a Princess of Amber – not a stripper!” – Crystal

“Do you hate me?” – Amon
“Well, you didn’t explode out of my mother…” – Enonia

“Um…there is no antidote for bullets, Princess Crystal…" – Dr. Stevens

“I am my own army” – Hexion

“If you need me, I’ll be in the kitchen. I get hungry after I murder people” – Caius
“Ah Caius, I’ve taught you well. = )” – Hexion

“Argyle! Where’s my room?” – Amon

“That’s fine, unsavory people get the job freaking done!” – Amon

“So…naked blue guy…what’s your name?” – Amon

“So…don’t trust someone that might not be Bethany…?” – Amon

“Don’t. I don’t want to have to fight your corpse too.” – Caius

“The only tattoo is the big bull’s eye on my chest.” – Amon

“Will you hide behind me? Are you a modest glowing sphere?” – Crystal

“I’m going to find my old man.” – Aiden
“Oberon?” – Random Noble
“No, my sister” – Aiden

“…son of Caius and Gwynevere.” – Oberon
“Oh…OH…I’m terribly sorry.” – Enonia

“If you shapeshifted, would you taste as good as this?” – Aiden

“Amon is someone you have to experience.” – Crystal

“So, how you doin’?” – Octavius
“Don’t. Talk. To. Me.” – Bethany
“I’ve been getting a lot of that.” – Aiden
“It’s not an expletive, she likes you.” – Crystal

“Blue is cold, right? I’ll drink that” – Bethany

“You have money, right?” – Bethany
“No, I’ve been using your tab.” – Hala

“Made of stone was your home?” – Crystal of Yoda

“Are you sure we’re all related…?” – Tomo
“Hey! What’s your trick?” – Amon

“…that you’re a f’ing murderer?” – A Shadow of Jonathon
“Well, I can’t say no to that…” – Bethany

“I do have a bad habit of resorting to violence.” – Bethany

“Is it true that you singlehandedly defeated an army of two-hundred men that had you completely surrounded?” – Brutus
“Which time do you mean?” – Hexion

“Can I internally monologue while internally monologue-ing?” – Bethany

“I don’t need virtues. I have power.” – Dave (i.e. the GM)

“I dunno, I’ll do somethin’ casual like hop on a dragon and ride on over.” – Octavius

“How many football fields is that?” – Hexion
“All of them.” – Octavius

“I want to go from jump heart to cook potato.” – Crystal

WEILD ME I AM OF SUBSTANCE!” – Emerson to Hexion

“Wait, are you an annoying deamon?” – Amon
“No!” – Da’na
“Yes!” – Hexian, Octavius, Aiden
::shrug:: – Da’na

“You failure of a man! The only seasoning food needs is salt and fire.” – Amon

“Guns don’t work in Amber.” – Crystal, shortly before getting shot by Bethany

“What? Guns don’t work in Amber.” – Bethany, a few minutes later, after being shot by Rhys

“Ha! Guns don’t work in Amber.” – A doctor being threatened by Jameson Herrd
“Okay, but this does.” – Jameson Herrd, drawing his sword

“Crap! Guns work in Amber, why don’t cell phones?” – Rosaline

“She’s not a bad ‘guy’! Do you see those things!” – Amon in reference to Circe

“I’m going to rip off his torso.” – Circe

“That’s bullshit! You put something in my head!” – Crystal
“There’s nothing in your head.” – Rhys

“If I pulled out my ‘Hexian Chart’, how f*cked am I?” – Octavius

“You’re a bad man!” – Alice, through an Amon Unit
“No. I’m the very worst.” – Oberon, followed by him putting a Pattern sword through the Amon Unit’s heart


All Roads Lead to Amber Byanuskevich