“By my voice, be it done.”

Few who knew Paulette Farriere as a young girl of the royal family of the Eastern Marches would have ever expected how far she has come. As the second daughter of an unpopular king, she was properly educated, but relegated to the side of any important political matter. At best, she could hope to marry well, and find some position of note within the Golden Circle. She had heard about the disappearance of Rilga only in passing, having been little more than a child when it occurred. When her family brought her to Amber to visit with the King, she saw an opportunity. She was barely more than seventeen years old when she met with the mighty Oberon, and she impressed him with more than just her charm. She showed a keen political acumen, and a natural poise. As time passed on the visit, she found more and more reasons to spend time in the company of the King, even making excuses to run into him alone. When Oberon announced his intention to marry her, she was the least surprised.


Paulette holds herself with an air of authority and nobility. Her honey-blonde hair is long, and often worn to fit the occassion, though she prefers to have it tied back with a pair of ringlets to frame her heart-shaped face. Her skin is pale, and her eyes are a gentle blend of green and brown. In the summer, a faint dappling of freckles darken her skin, but she often uses make-up to mute their effect. She dresses as befits her station as the Queen of Amber, favoring brocaded dresses in the traditional Amberite green.


Before Oberon’s disappearance, Paulette was considered by most to be pleasant but forgetable. She dwelled in the shadows cast by Clarissa, Faeilla, and Cymnea, and though she bore Oberon two children, most wrote her off as simply a footnote in the family genealogies. Since her husband’s vanishing, she stepped in to take command of the political environment of Amber. Without Crystal or Oberon to maintain the realm, she tested her leadership, and found herself more than a match for even the most fearsome of Golden Circle diplomats. After the promotion of Octavius to Seneschal, she has become increasingly controlling of the realm and confident. She has transformed from a mild, if canny socialite into a truly formidable political force.

Rise to Power

A year after Oberon’s disappearance, Paulette took a very controversial move. At the annual Feast of the Unicorn, she called the embassies of the Golden Circle to gather. There she announced her ascendance to the throne of Amber, declaring herself Queen of the Realm. As her first act as the Queen of Amber, she exiled all of Oberon’s children that were not her own, stripping from them their rank and title in the Court of Amber. This met with the applause of her supporters, and the mixed reactions from the others. The few kingdoms that favored the Amberites kept their peace, while the delegation of Sento left. The Amberites themselves acted erratically, from welcoming the order to throwing a table across the room and threatening the Queen. She bore it all with the ease of charm and confidence that her allies expected from her.

In the months that followed, Paulette has worked closely with her allies, establishing a firm political alliance of shared troops, supplies, and resources. Amber stands firm with support of both the Eastern Marches as well as New Kashfa. Begma and Ghenesh have both also stepped forward to tying themselves closer to the realm, despite the historic rivalry between Begma and the Eastern Marches. New Kashfa, with the support of Amber and its military, has begun marshalling its strength and readying for an obvious war effort against the displaced Ardenites.

And Fall

In the chaos leading up to the War of the Black Road, Queen Paulette vanished under mysterious circumstances. After the crowning of Aiden, then Hexion, it was a while before Paulette was seen again. What became known among those close to the Amberites was that she had been possessed by a daemon ty’iga for quite some time, and that may have led to her meteoric fall from power.


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