As Pattern is the power of Amber and order in Shadow, Logrus is the power of Chaos and entropy in Shadow. Where the Pattern wanes and the Logrus waxes, the boundaries between Shadows loosen and fragment, until the very Courts of Chaos themselves, where entire realities float about like fractalling shards of glass to be passed through with ease by a master of this power. Most nobles of Chaos have at very least walked the Logrus, and it is described as a type of temporary madness wherein one’s mind and body are tested to their limits of adaptability. Some do not ever truly recover from the experience, and are locked away in pocket realities far from their home lest they shred the very world around them with their own madness. Logrus requires at least Chaos level Psyche, and Basic Shapeshifting.

  • Tier 1: Logrus Imprint

You have dared the Logrus, and have emerged mostly sane and most healthy. As such, the Logrus has made its mark upon you. The Blood of Chaos now flows in your veins, and you are able to call upon the Logrus to shift the fabric of Shadow about you. At this level of proficiency, you have barely begun to be able to travel Shadow. You do so by extending a tendril of the Logrus inside you into an adjacent Shadow, latching onto it, and pulling yourself through. Similarly, you may take something from an adjacent Shadow, and pull it to yourself, though if you do not know precisely what you have latched onto, you might be in for a big surprise. While this is not as efficient as Shadowwalking, a Logrus tendril can actually be stretched across several Shadows, and able to pull yourself there with a simple act of will.

  • Tier 2: Logrus Initiate

You have grown accustomed to the strange abilities conferred by the Logrus, and are more comfortable with its use. By extending your consciousness along a Logrus tendril, you can perceive events occurring in other Shadows distant from your own. Similar to a Pattern lens, the perception from the Logrus tendril can easily sense items of Pattern or Chaos, but it cannot separate Shadow from Substance. By fragmenting your consciousness along these tendrils, you can extend your will into Shadow, searching for an object of desire. Once it has been located, you can either pull yourself to it, or pull it to you. One should take care, though, as Logrus is not as reliable as other forms of locating desire, and will often find the first object specified matching the vagaries of desire rather than the precise object.

  • Tier 3: Logrus Adept

At this level, you have begun to see the reflection the Logrus in your mind, and your mind in the Logrus. You may call it forth from your being, summoning the Sign of the Logrus. A construct of raw chaos, the Sign of the Logrus shifts constantly before you, and through it you can temporarily boost your own Psyche, allowing its power to flow through you into Shadow. Additionally, you may take the Sign, still awakened, back into yourself. Like Pattern and Trump defense, this provides you with near invulnerability to psychic attacks and sorcery. You must keep your mind focused, however, to contain the chaos of the Sign, or else its insanity may infect into you, and cause you to lose any control whatsoever.

  • Tier 4: Logrus Master

The permutations of chaos are second nature to you at this level, and the whispering madness of the Logrus is the music of your soul. By stretching your mind into the Logrus itself, you can call it about you, casting aside the veil of permanence to the pure probability beneath all things. You can use the Logrus to shape and mold the very fabric of Shadow itself at this point, creating and destroying Shadows, as well as forming pathways across them to ease travel. You can group Shadows together, binding them to the destiny of a Primal Shadow to create a domain within the Courts of Chaos. You can also expel the very fabric of Shadow until you have opened a well into the Abyss beyond. Through that darkened well, you can call forth the entities that dwell in the Abyss, binding them through the power of the Logrus into corporeal forms. Such things are typically called daemons, not to be confused with the demons of conventional folklore. Daemons are beings utterly alien to Shadow, and only exist and interact through the bindings placed upon them by the Logrus master who bound them.


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