“Courage without caution is blade without a hilt. How can you weild it without doing as much harm to yourself as to your enemy?”

A veteran of the Sorcerer’s Rebellion, Leonardo d’Umbrii looked forward to a long retirement in the quietness of his kingdom. With the death of his king, and the assassination of the military leaders of New Kashfa shortly before the War of the Black Road, the old campaigner found himself thrust into prominence as the ranking military leader of a kingdom near to war with the neighboring Ardenites. Gruff and old, General Leo stood up to the aggression of the Ardenites, even willing to confront Amon Barimen over his actions. In the days following, the noble families and the merchants soon found themselves following his lead in matters of state, and it was not long before he was appointed the Lord Regent until the young king Joffrey came of age.


In his younger days, General Leo was a bit of a vain man, whose point of greatest pride was his flowing mustache and thick sideburns. He felt it was important for morale that soldiers be able to recognize their commander not just by his armor and banner, but his very face itself. If it made him look a little ridiculous, it was a slight price to pay for the effectiveness of it. Since his return to public office, he has begun to regrow the mustache and sideburns, though they are no longer the burnished coppery gold they once were. His hair is an ugly shade of a reddish grey, cut long and pulled into a ponytail. He always wears some armor, perhaps to hide the girth of his old age, but otherwise dresses in the simplest uniform his position can afford.


General Leo has led men to battle for several centuries. Prodigiously long-lived even for a Kashfan, it is rumored that his bloodline is not entirely human, and may be mixed with the ancient feyfolk of Kashfa. If it is, then there is no sign of it in his personality, nor does he have any sorcerous talent that is typical of such a bloodline. General Leo is courageous and calm, and willing to stand up for what he believes to be right. He treats those he considers his superiors with respect, and never underestimates his enemies. He inspires his men with his own conduct, holding himself to a level of courtesy and honor that many would find challenging.


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