“My name is Legion, for I am many.”

In the days of Oberon’s war on the throne of Chaos, there were many great and terrible evils committed. Among the halls of Chaos, stories are still told of entire Shadows created and destroyed for the explicit purposes of removing piece by piece the support of Oberon’s regicide. The sheer vast twistings of Shadow sent shadowstorms of such terror and viciousness across the Chaosways that even now there are entire sections of Chaos that have never been reclaimed. There would simply be no point. And among these legends of vast armies construct out of potential turnings of reality and power, there remains the tale of House Eaton.

House Eaton had been one of the earliest and oldest of Oberon’s allies before the war. After Oberon slew High King Kronos Sawall of Chaos, he was beset on all sides by enemies. He reached his hand out to his allies in Chaos, calling them to do the proper thing, and support his claim to the throne. Instead, one by one, they turned from him, joining the ranks of the others in the Courts. Finally, Oberon turned to House Eaton, fellow worshippers of the Unicorn, and asked for their support. And with a heavy heart, House Eaton let Oberon’s calls fall on deaf ears. Oberon had no allies left in Chaos, but of them, none stung more than the betrayal by House Eaton.

That is the story as the Book of the Unicorn speaks of it. The Houses of Chaos tell a similar tale, but with one key difference. They speak of the doom that came to House Eaton. At first, it was like a mote in the sun above the ancient basalt cities on the aboreal plains of the Atonways. Slowly, it grew and grew, until became an eclipse of the ruddy sun, and then came the tendrils. Four pilons of ropy metal crashed into the earth surrounding the great city of the Atonways, and forth from the great mote came thousands upon thousands of locusts composed of living metal. Panic spread among House Eaton, and many fled. Only those who fled in that initial wave survived.

None truly know what happened to those who stayed behind in the Atonways. Scryings revealed that it had become a wasteland, where the skies were black, and ash fell forever. Gone were the thousands who dwelled within, and no sign was left of the verdant fields and gentle meadows that had filled the lowland capital. The only sign left of the invaders were scores of strange, metallic things that crept through the ash and silt, and all anyone heard was silence. None knew precisely what the weapon Oberon had unleashed upon the Atonways, but they found a name for it. To the Courts of Chaos, it was named Legion, and most considered it a nightmare best left forgotten.

Revival and Attack on Shadow Earth

Stumbled upon by Enonia, Rosaline, and Amon, Legion awoke at the smell of the Eaton blood in Enonia. While it had slept, the blood of Eaton had spread to several Houses of Chaos, as well as the very courts of Amber itself. Once more, Legion moved along its task, sending forth its numbers to dispatch its hated enemy. What it needed, however, was a power source. It lay a trap in Shadow for Amon, and succeeded in capturing him. Replacing the long since dead Duke of House Eaton with a much livelier source of power, Legion struck against the remnants in Chaos, as they were much closer at hand. It assassinated the scattered survivors of House Eaton first, then mounted an assault upon House Theradune. As a precursor to the assault, knowing the limits of its power source, it sent several probes into Shadow, seeking out alternative energy sources. One such probe landed on Shadow Earth, triggering Second Impact.

Having found a suitable power source, Legion began a cautious series of attacks on Shadow Earth, attempting to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the forces there. Encountering the first truly strong resistance it had found in eons, it remained content to try to draw Shadow Earth into a war of attrition, unaware of the danger the line of Oberon presented to it. Meanwhile, it concentrated the bulk of its forces to the war in the Theraways. It launched assault after assault at the House, claiming the lives of two of its children. The war was going well, until the duke of House Theradune decided to destroy his Shadows rather than see them fall to the predations of Legion. With the sting of that loss, Legion regrouped its efforts to take Shadow Earth as it had been steadily proving difficulty, sending forth one of its Appetures.

Things looked grim for Shadow Earth as Legion sent forth its true strength, swarming over the planet to strip itself of its substance to sustain itself, while launching direct assault on the Shadow itself. As it prepared for the definitive assault, however, Hexion and Circe managed to rescue their brother from its heart, and Legion was left without a power source. Feeling its time drawing short, it launched its forces in an all out assault on Shadow Earth, only to be stymied by the combined strength of the Amberites and a massive mental assault by Enonia. Its Appeture was destroyed, and it horde was defeated. Shadow Earth was saved.

Where Legion has gone, none know. It is defeated, and in the aftermath, Trumps lost their power for a short while. According to Enonia, it is not dead, but has been freed of its initial programming. What it will do next, if anything, is a mystery.


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