“Even the smallest blade can take a life.”

Kored Theradune has never been the biggest nor the strongest. He has never been the fastest, nor the best with a blade. Kored knows that he can’t even claim to the brightest or the strongest of will of his siblings. Ultimately, Kored knows precisely what he is capable of, no more and no less. And that, precisely, is what makes him a canny ally and a deadly enemy, just like any good knight of Chaos should be.


Kored has a dusky shade to his skin, an almost ashen tone to the olive hue of his complexion. His hair is a very dark brown, and he wears it tied back in a tight ponytail. His eyes are grey, both sharp and observant, and he favors crimsons and black in his fashions. He dresses appropriately for whatever occassion he finds. He is slight in frame, and fit. He typically carries a long, curving krys-dagger on his right hip. His personal symbol can be found on the back of his trump, and consists of a krys dagger across a kabuki style mask.


Kored Theradune is friendly and resourceful, a pair of traits he has found that will get him quite far in the Courts of Chaos, and nearly everywhere else. He rarely panics, and can accurately evaluate the inherent dangers in a situation from a good ways off. He is shrewd and canny, but not infallible by any stretch. He has shown that he is willing to take risks to serve the interests of his family, however, and he does not balk at even extreme danger.

Fall of Theradune

Never having been too skilled in combat nor the Logrus, when the Theraways came under the ruthless assault of Legion, Kored was quickly relegated to menial tasks by his father and siblings. When it became apparent that the things were based on Trump, they began to treat him with distrust and very nearly openly accused him of plotting with Amber to overthrow the Duke. The rumors built until a suprise assault by the Trump monsters left one of Kored’s siblings dead and Kored himself greivously injured. He pulled out one of the small favors he had earned in his time in the Courts, and used it to escape before the monster could finish the job.

The favor delivered him to Aiden Barimen, who quickly saved his life. Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Kored recruited the young Amberite for the war effort, expecting Aiden to perform up to the legends of his father, or at very least the example set by Kored’s half-siblings of Hexion and Enonia. He found Aiden to be anything but. While Aiden was a master of conjuration and sorcery, both proved ultimately to be little more than simple delaying tactics against the implacable horde of Legion. The Trump monsters just kept advancing, and the last thing Kored remembers is Aiden tackling him into the Abyss.

Lord-Errant of Chaos

Suprised to find himself not only existent, but alive, Kored thanked his lucky demistars, and returned to Firegate to find out what happened to his family. Learning that House Theradune was no more, and his father was granted hospitality by House Hydra, Kored was left in an tenuous predicament. House Hydra wanted him dead because of a rather unflattering Trump he had created of their Duchess, and without a House to protect him, Kored knew he could only dodge assassins for so long before they caught up to him. Even his own father disavowed him of his line. With no House willing to take him in due his ties to two known Amberites, Kored swallowed his fear and stepped forward to claim his birthright as a Lord of Chaos. He petitioned High King Swayville to assay the Logrus.

Kored was granted his birthright, and was taken to the Logrus by Suhuy. There, carrying his blade, mask, and Trumps, he steeled his will and set foot on the Logrus. He strode forward into the ordeal, and vanished. He returned shortly thereafter, having succeeded in his task. The act had taken its toll, however, and he collapsed, feverish and delirious. House Sawall, as was their duty of the Keepers of the Logrus, took Kored in until he recovered. Once more, Kored stood before the assembly of the Courts of Chaos, and declared himself a Lord of Chaos.

Inductee of the Salon

As the War of the Black Road turns the forces of Chaos against the forces of Amber, there are many who know of Kored’s relation to the reigning King of Amber. While this has led to several challenges to his loyalty, he has remained above such petty squabbles. His rising skill with the Logrus, and exceptional talent with Trump has earned him a name among the social climbers of the Courts of Chaos, if one not as stained in blood as his father’s. Having earned the patronage of House Sawall, Lord Kored Theradune was honored by an invitation to join the Salon, a benefaction he eagerly accepted. While the animosity between the young Lord of Chaos and House Hydra is well known, it seems his reputation of making deadly allies travels shortly behind it.

Rise of the Opportunists

In the aftermath of the fall of the Black Road, and Mandor’s deicide, the Courts of Chaos were thrown into turmoil. In the aftermath, Kored’s involvement with the various factions came to light. As Mandor’s catspaw in the Courts, Kored stood outside the reaches of the Eye of the Tempest, and it’s collapse managed to avoid striking him. His placement in the Salon insulated him from immediate retaliation from the remnants of the Church of the Serpent, and the rising Church of the Spider sought to make him their leader. Kored declined, finding no taste in religious dealings. Instead, he moved with the leader of House Ioggia to cultivate Trump as a reliable communication source in the Courts, almost in counterbalance to his father’s Abyssal Mystics. Soon, the Opportunists became known throughout Chaos for their simple credo: by whatever means necessary.

As one of the nominal leaders of the Opportunists, Kored has demonstrated both the cunning of his mother and the ambition of his father. While his relationship with the latter remains far from friendly, it has been observed that their two factions seem to avoid working at cross purposes when possible. It is known that Kored has the ear of Enonia, the Lady of Chaos, and many court his favor to influence her decision about the next High King. Kored himself remains firmly unspoken on who he supports for the throne, but many speculate that it will be simply the highest bidder.


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