“This can’t work. This has to work. This must work.”

The eldest child of Rilga and Oberon, Jonathan was an infrequent presence at best in Amber. Known more for his travels throughout Shadow more than anything else, he does have the dubious distinction of being Dworkin’s last student. The one thing he learned the best: the Trump. Arguably the most skilled in the art in the family, his disappearance at the end of the Sorcerer’s Rebellion remains a great unsolved mystery in the family. The similarity in his disappearance with that of his mother’s is a subject few bring up around the royals, but there are many who suspect that the wrath of Clarissa’s ghost has claimed another victim.


Lithe and of medium height, Jonathan had a very understated presence. He wore his sandy blonde hair a little to long to be short, and a little too short to be long, and it always seemed unkempt. It was not uncommon to see him with just the hint of stubble clinging stubbornly to his chin and cheeks, as if he had forgotten his morning shave. His eyes were blue, like his mother’s, and his skin carried just a hint of olive. He typically wore loose, comfortable clothes, favoring khakis and turtlenecks over more traditionally Amber fashions. His personal symbol was a pair of colored palettes forming a yinyang symbol.


Jonathan was unmistakably one of the quietest geniuses in the family. He always listened, and always had a solution for the problem at hand. While he never really kept the family out of his life, his distance from Amber itself after walking the Pattern kept him from getting too close to most of his older siblings or nobles of the kingdom. His quiet, insightful calmness would vanish when in the presence of a passion of his, often art and Trump. Like a switch, he went from detached to obsessed, willing to devote hours on end to simply studying whatever had caught his interest.

Jonathan Barringer

On Shadow Earth, Jonathan had acquired a certain notoriety as being one of the best artistic geniuses alive. Coinciding with his returns travels deep into Shadow, Jonathan would devote himself to bringing new ideas, and new revolutions to the artistic community of Shadow Earth. He garnered a reputation as an eccentric and innovator, and his mastery of styles knew no equal. Ultimately it is his oil paintings that carry the highest regard as priceless objects d’art. A previous unknown piece by him has been known to make or break entire careers among art dealers.

Actor: David Tennant


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