“I look forward to the day I will dance upon your grave, Amberite.”

Captain Jameson Herrd has been a menace to the waterways of the Golden Circle for the last hundred years. Before that, he was simply just another enterprising pirate with a penchant for sorcery. He sided with Talon during the Sorcerer’s Rebellion, and drank deep from the Well of Sorcery. When Circe came to kill the sorcerers who outlived their use to the cause, Captain Jameson was the last to meet with her, and the first to escape with his life. Not before he managed to get his hands on the charts of the Golden Circle’s Shadowways, however. Now, he is one of the Rebellion’s more lasting legacies, finally able to wage his personal war against Amber’s myth of invulnerability from the deck of his Shadow-travelling ship, the Ruthless.


Jameson Herrd is a red haired, fair skinned man who has spent a lifetime or two at sea. Freckles cover his face, and his eyes are a cool, emerald green. He wears his hair long, and it hangs in a loose tangle of red curls. While he is far from clean shaven, his beard is more of a scratchy patch of auburn fur than anything else. He dresses as befits his station as a pirate captain, wearing a red great coat that might have once belonged to a royal of the Golden Circle, and battered and salt-stained gentleman’s clothes underneath. While he does not have a recognized personal symbol, his jolly roger is a curved cutlass in the shape of a crescent moon under a unicorn skull.


Captain Jameson Herrd is an enemy of Amber’s. He is cunning, calculating, and careful. What he is not is brave. One might even go as far as to call him a coward, and he would probably not object. Still, he has come face to face with one of the more physically imposing Amberites in the past, and remains as one of the last men standing of the Sorcerer’s Rebellion. He has managed to always stay one or three steps ahead of the Navy in the century since, and his ship, the Ruthless, continues to strike without mercy or warning throughout the Golden Circle. His principle prey are the merchant vessels that fly the colors of Amber.


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