“Practice and strength will win you many battles, but it is only with honor that you can become great.”

Widely regarded one of the greatest weaponmasters of the Courts of Chaos, Herrick of Hendrake skill with the blade is rivaled only by his devotion to chivalry. He can be found regularly patrolling the fields near Firegate, openly welcoming any challenges to his reputation. With a reputation like his, it is not an uncommon occurence in the Courts. With the death of the Duke Hendrake, Herrick’s prominence in his House rose. While many suspected he would claim the position, he allowed it to pass to his uncle Romas Hendrake, as he felt his place was on the battlefield, leading the forces of Chaos against their enemy.


Standing a full handsbreath over six feet tall, Herrick is a powerfully muscular man with dark-hued ruddy skin and flame red hair. He dresses in a suit of masterfully crafted, articulated platemail, styled after the scales of a drake. He carries a heavy heater shield, with the crest of House Hendrake upon it, and a thick bladed bastard sword. His hair is long, and pulled into several braids, which are themselves tied together with cord. Bushy mutton chops rest on his cheeks, and a long mustache sits as a point of vanity. His symbol is a variation on his House’s coat of arms, adding a sword clutched in the hand of the coiled red drake on a field of gold.


Herrick of Hendrake is proud, but honorable. He is a shrewd opponent, who does not make mistakes. He sees the world as a place devoid of meaning or reason, where the only purpose one can find is that which is made by will alone. Herrick, as such, has devoted the entirety of his life to the concepts of chivalry. He does not practice nor approve of the casual treachery of politics, and he holds himself to a life of spartan bravery. He does keep trophies of his most glorious battles, and there is a entire hall in the Drakeways devoted to holding them.



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