Gauntlet of Sorcery

Crafted using the hidden and secretive techniques of Pattern forging, the Gauntlet of Sorcery was the product and the tool of Marek’s mastery of magic. With his gauntlet, Marek was able to gather the sorcerers of Shadow, and launch his assault on Amber. Its greatest demonstration came in Marek’s personal battle against Emerson du Lac, where the sorcerer managed to fight the fully refreshed and massive shapeshifter to a bloody and brutal standstill.


The Gauntlet of Sorcery is an ornate silvery gauntlet made out interlocking, articulated metal plates laid over an extremely finely woven silver chain mail. The gauntlet fits over the wielder’s left hand, and stretches up to the mid-forearm. Three fastens tighten it about the wrist and fingers. Intricate etchings cover the surface of the metal plating, forming images taken from the structures of the Pattern itself. The heart of the spellrack rests in a flawless gem that rests in the middle of the back of the hand. The metal always feels slightly warm to the touch, and a slight electric tingle can be felt from it.

Known Abilities

  • Impervious to conventional damage
  • Rack and hang named and numbered spells
  • Able to recall previously cast spells


  • It has not been seen for some time

Gauntlet of Sorcery

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