“I want to live life duty free…”

Son of Thetis Du Lac, sister of Queen Moire Du Lac of Rebma, Emerson Du Lac is an enigmatic outsider among his siblings. He appeared at the outbreak of the Sorcerer’s Rebellion as an unknown. His awful timing and poor manners (not to mention his choice of wardrobe) caused much suspicion among his established peers. Unique among the bastards of Oberon, unlike Malus, Sira, and Talbin before him, Emerson survived the Grand Curve and successfully assayed the Pattern some two hundred years before he appeared before his brothers and sisters. He spent that time living in various Shadows, playing different roles and living different lives. He is known among his siblings as despondent and self-loathing and most call on him only in a time of conflict.


In his birth-form, Emerson is of average height and is rather unimposing in appearance. His skin, the distinctive blue hue of a rebman, contrasts with the dark mossy green of his unkempt hair. The striking eyes of his father are the only physical signs of his royal heritage. When dressed, Emerson prefers simple brown robes or the classic fashions of Earth. His personal signet is a trippant white stag proper on a field of vert.


It is said that you are forever changed once you walk the Pattern, and few are as good examples of that saying’s wisdom than Emerson. Despite having no instruction, he defied the odds and survived his walk, but he was forever changed. Emerson had been a happy and curious child, but what reappeared after his long exile was a different man. Ambivalence replaced inquisitiveness, recklessness gave way to lethargy and self-doubt. Soft-spoken, self-deprecating and bitter, Emerson makes a poor raconteur and a worse orator. Only as he paints do the glimmers of his former self emerge. He becomes energetic and passionate; he is almost a foil of himself with a brush and palette in hand. This vehemence and ardor rarely lasts long, as soon after the canvas is full, Emerson returns to his dormant disposition. His eccentricities belie a loyal, yet conflicted man who seems to feel uncomfortable in his own skin.


Once the Admiral of the Navy of Amber, Emerson is now bereft of any titles or accolades.

The Sorcerer’s Rebellion-

Emerson appeared auspiciously at the inception of the conflict and proved to be a valuable asset to Amber during it’s darkest hour in millennia. Fighting alongside brother Amon, Emerson sank ship after ship near the harbors of Sento, where others had thought a defense nearly impossible. After eliminating the enemy armada at Sento, Emerson met the general Talon, later reveled to be the Sorcerer Prince Marek, in single combat in his chosen form, that of a great sea monster. Though both men walked away from the confrontation, Marek was gravely wounded. For his efforts, Emerson was made Admiral of the Navy of Amber and declared a hero of the war.

Shadow Games-

One hundred long years after Marek’s defeat, the family reconvened to celebrate Amber’s victory. As the ritual ended, trouble began on Shadow Earth. After defending that shadow with his brothers against the strange monsters of trump that threatened it, Emerson met his eldest niece, Tomo, who soon endeared herself to him. When she asked him to help her escape Earth to walk the pattern of Rebma, Emerson agreed. With Tomo’s task completed, Emerson returned to find Shadow Earth besieged by the being known as Legion. During the conflict he was taken by Legion to be used as it’s new power source. Seeking to repay Emerson, Tomo lead the charge to free him from imprisonment.

The Empty Throne-

With Oberon missing, his wife, Paulette, declared herself sovereign of Amber. Her first act was to strip her step-children of all ranks and titles and exiling them from the Golden Circle. Many of the royal children reacted angrily, while Emerson seemed pleased with his new status. Immediately he sought to leave Amber and the Golden Circle, making his way slowly toward Ygg and what lies beyond. Not long after his departure Emerson reemerged in Rebma, shepherding yet another to it’s Pattern, this time his presumably deceased brother Marek, whom he had fought against so many years previous. After Marek’s walk, Emerson was called to war at Avalon by his brother and new king of Amber, Hexion. During the battle renowned warrior Herrick of Hendrake challenged Emerson to a duel of honor. Both were grievously wounded, and Emerson was forced to watch helplessly as Ygg burned.

The War of the Black Road-

As the war raged on, the Black Road ever advancing, Emerson all but disappeared, no where to be seen on the lines of battle. For nearly the entirety of the war, Emerson was lost in shadow, fruitlessly searching for that spark, that soul he felt he lacked, and the great destiny he had began to believe he had waiting in the wings for him to find. During the Black Road’s slow advance, Emerson searched out and absorbed the lost Apocrypha, though he had success in actually deciphering any meaning from it. Unable to find anything of valueon his journey or within himself, he consigned himself to the final battle line and was swallowed whole by the shadow storm born of Enonia and Suhuy. The shattered remains of his consciousness coalesced, uniting the great storm and pushing it up the Black Road, which in conjunction with the death of the Serpent, utterly destroyed it.

Character Model-

Emerson DuLac: Cillian Murphy (but blue!)

Cillian murphy blue

Revenant: TBA


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