“All is but light and shadow.”

Hunchbacked and insane, for as long as there has been Amber, there had been Dworkin. While the Book of the Unicorn tells of the deeds of Oberon in the misty days of history, they tell little to nothing of Oberon’s wizard companion. This is, undoubtedly, because it was Dworkin writing the book. What is known is that Dworkin scribed the Pattern, which was given to him in a vision of the Unicorn, to make Oberon a king forever. It can be inferred that Dworkin was there for the battle against the Courts of Chaos, and that he was at Oberon’s side when the Unicorn chose him to be its champion. What is not known is what happened to the grand magus of Amber, for he has been missing since shortly after Jonathan walked the Pattern.


Dworkin’s appearance varied almost as much as his personality. Sometimes he was bearded. Sometimes his hair was black. Sometimes he was clean shaven. Sometimes his hair was blonde. What remained consistent were two aspects. One, he was always short and hunched. Two, the irises around his eyes were solid black. He would often dress in loose fitting, shabby robes of either brown or black, cinched around the waist by a rope belt. His fingers were constantly stained with what could only be ink, and he would often clutch one of a great many notebooks. When he had to appear in court for formal presentations, he would wear a fully embroidered robe of his position, complete with a very fancy hat. Somehow, the hat was the most important part.


Either Dworkin was insane, or he was functioning on a higher dimension of thought that only occassionally translated into the real world. There is a great deal of evidence for both. He would speak in riddle and allegory, and would often simply say something to watch a reaction form, like a scientist might watch a reaction of chemicals. Other times, he would be a frenzy of activity, tearing through the castle and his workshop, chasing after some ideal of thought. His training to Oberon’s children in the ways of the Pattern, Sorcery, and Trump were simultaneously impossible yet brilliant. He seemed to favor a style that led to moments of revelation interspersed by long dearths of frustration. Regardless, there was no denying that there has never been anyone else who understood the secret truths of the world better than he did.


Shortly after Jonathan walked the Pattern, Dworkin became particularly reclusive and erratic. Something fundamental changed in his personality, and he would lock himself inside his workshop for days on end, refusing food or company. Then, one day, he simply vanished. Oberon made no note of it, and when it was brought up, he answered simply that Dworkin was no longer in the service of the kingdom.

Actor: Brad Dourif


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