“All is but light and shadow. Behold the candle flame.”

It is written about in the Book of the Unicorn. Colada, the Candle’s Flame, referenced in the Apocrypha of Thomas as the second blade of three, forged by Dworkin in the dawning days of Shadow. The first, Chrysaor, Justice’s Bite, was given to Oberon and used to slay the King of Chaos. The second was Colada, the Candle’s Flame, was carried by Dworkin, and said to unravel the very nature of sorcery itself. The third was Clarent, the Blade of Peace, to be found and wielded by the true heir to the throne of Amber after the fall of Oberon. Each blade was said to predate the creation of the Pattern, and yet somehow contain a piece of the eventual design. The Apocrypha of Thomas, with its predictions of the fall of Amber, was excised from the Book of the Unicorn by royal decree shortly before the annulment of Oberon’s marriage to Cymnea, and possessing a copy of it was made to be treason ever since. Legends of the first Pattern blades slipped into the mists of myths, and they were never to be seen again. Until now.


Colada is a double-edge broadsword with a body tapered throughout. Its crossguard is inlaid with incredibly intricate arcane runes, and woven into the very steel of its blade are the folded signs of the Pattern. The blade itself appears to be made out of a white gold, but holds an edge sharper than steel. The hilt is wrapped in supple, black leather and its hilt is contructed of silver and platinum, but no precious gems. It is exceptionally light weight for its construction, and is easily balanced in one hand.

Known Abilities

  • Capable of racking named and numbered spells
  • Capable of casting said spells even when laws of local magic prevent it
  • Disrupts other spells, and can dispel even powerful sorcery with a touch
  • Capable of piercing Logrus defense


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