Forged of silvered steel, inlaid with faintly bluish etching in the Sign of the Pattern, Carradoc is the blade of the King of Avalon. Caius has wielded it since the founding of his kingdom, and it has taken uncountable lives in the defense of Avalon and Amber. In the hands of Caius Barimen, it becomes more than simply an effectively killing tool. It becomes a physical extension of his will to destroy his enemies utterly. There are myths that surround the origin of Carradoc, but only Caius knows how and where his blade was crafted, and he keeps it a very closely guarded secret.


Carradoc is straight, broad style of hand and a half sword commonly found throughout Shadow. It is sharpened on both sides, and the blade itself seems to have a silver finish to it. With closer inspection, one can see the Sign of the Pattern itself forged into the very metal of the blade, composed of faintly blue filaments laid throughout the blade. The very heart of the sword can be felt by any who pick it up, and radiates from the crossguard. A shadow of the Pattern itself is kept within there, echoing its power throughout the blade.

Known Abilities

  • Can sense the presence of shapeshifters, and can discern them from a crowd
  • Deadliest blade known to Amber
  • Capable of piercing sorcery and conjuration without any effort


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