Black Road

“It was jet black, a shade of black so deep your eye just kind of slides off it. And it shimmered when you looked at it. A spider, big as death and twice as ugly. And when it flies past, it’s like you hear a scream in your mind.”

None are truly certain of just what the Black Road is, except possibly the authors of its creation. And even they differ in the details. What is known is how it was created, what it can do, and where it is going. It is a weapon constructed by the masters of Chaos, in the image of the Logrus, containing the shattered remains of dozens of primal shadows, set loose upon a singular objective: to reach Amber, no matter what.


The Black Road is best described as a macro-Shadow of Destiny. It bridges Shadows its reaches, connecting them metaphysically at first, and physically later to Shadows previous in its chain. First, it triggers all the signs and portents of the end of the world in whatever Shadow it nears, creating hitherto unknown prophescies and legends if necessary. Then, it starts to rain, and the ground begins to turn black. Plant life twists into darkened mockeries of what they once were, and creatures of Shadow turn into demonic mockeries of the things they once were. War breaks out along the edge as the fell and fey creatures strike out at the others in the Shadow, and every day, the line of darkness advances. Eventually, true beings of Chaos arrive, and give a new found direction to the corrupted creatures, and they finish the final objectives to stage an assault on the next Shadow in line. Sometimes, this involves corrupting the entire Shadow. Sometimes, it is only a small portion of it.


The Black Road serves to transport troops from the Shadows in Chaos swiftly towards the frontlines of its advance towards Amber. Travel along the Black Road is extremely fast, and once the true denizens of Chaos arrive in a Shadow, it is nearly guaranteed to already be lost. What is known is that a significant enough force can halt the advance of the darkness before it achieves its required goals. The Black Road then pulls another Shadow into the line of destiny needed to further its progress, shifting the previous Shadow out of its path. It can do this in well over a dozen different venues of approach at once, and it always finds a way to advance. The closer it gets to the Golden Circle, however, the less it can move other Shadows out of its way. It is expected that the nature of the Golden Circle itself will force the Black Road to fight its way through them first to reach Amber.

Other than that, the Black Road prevents any use of sorcery, trump, conjuration, and shadowwalking along its length unless you bear the sign of the Logrus in your blood. While it is possible to use Pattern to shadowwalk off the Black Road, doing so requires one to Summon the Sign of the Pattern, and is likened very much unto setting your mind on fire while trying to do long division.

Black Road

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