“If life give you lemons, lie, cheat, and steal untill you get what you really want.”


“You’re an f’ing murderer…”
“Well, I can’t say no to that…”

Bethany is a spitting image of her mother. Her skin is tanned nicely from the hours sepnd above deck. Her hair has a few bright golden strand here and there running through the dirty blonde locks. It is usually held tightly back in an up tight bun. Her eyes were once the soft brown of her mothers, but once she walked the pattern, they faded to an emotionless gray. She has a very strong athletic build, which is covered up quite concervativly. And so, to put it short, Bethany has high potential to be a beautiful woman, but she hides it greatly.

As a note, during the Rebellion, her other half had a different look. Circe’s skin was cold and pale. It made her dark crimson eyes eerie to stare into. Her hair was always a mess of bloody reds and brushed up against her backside. Opposite of Bethany, she embrassed her attractive body, showing it off at the most opportune moments.

The two personalities are opposites.

Bethany is stern, hard working, and serious.

Circe is chaotic, destructive, and a good time.

The only thing they have in common is that most people consider them to be a monster in some manner.


“The Blood, it speaks to me. It tells me who I really am.”

The Sorcerer’s Rebellion

For the longest time, Bethany Barimen was the youngest child of Oberon. Because of that, she has always felt like she was catching up with her other siblings. They all had thier plans, they all had there things in order. She never knew what to do. The one thing she did know was that she would not let herself fall behind.

First it was the Pattern. The idea of it was terrifying. She did not know how to approach it. All of her older siblings had Dworkin, but he was gone before she was old enough to walk. She never asked for help. She did not want to look weak. Eventutally she walked the pattern, and afterwards something happened to her.

Maybe it was the disapperance of her mother that was truly affecting her, but Bethany became something cold. Her eyes lost any light of joy and she became known as a monster among her crew. All she became was work. She had her navy and she had Amber. That is all that mattered. She would wipe out anyone that threatened it. Pirates, unsubdinates, it did not matter. Bethany’s slogan for the navy was “You will die for Amber.” She expected all of her men to put in the same effort she did. If they didn’t, she would take it from them. People were terrified of her.

The Sorcerers Rebellion changed her yet again. It was revealed that what was really wrong with Bethany was that she was not alone in her body. A notorious pirate that she had been chasing for years shared the same body. When ‘Talon’ got a hold of her, he forced this other half, Circe, to take over. Circe is the exact opposite of Bethany. She is chaotic and destructive. Circe took out all of the bottled of anger on everything around her when she got out.

Slowly, the trend continued. Yes she was a shapeshifter, but Bethany deep down continued to change. After the incident with Caiuss, Circe realized that someone actaully cared for her. Talon stood by her side as much as he could through those three weeks of pain and blood. She then put her own life in his hands. She learned that there was someone that she could trust. She had someone she could count on. Circe never had that before.

Unfortuantly, she found out something even more at the worst moment possible. As ‘Talon’, now revealed as Marek, layed there maimed in her arms, she felt something she had never felt before; love. The two of them confessed thier love to each other, but it was too late. He was riped out of her arms and destroied. On top of that, her freedom was stripped from her.

Bethany now is returned, only to suffer for all of Circe’s actions. She lost her postion. She lost any trust she had in her father, and she became known as a shamed person. She was the only person left in Amber that was on Marek’s side. The problem is, Bethany was not that person, Circe was. What is is now she is suffering for someone else’s wrong doings?

Shadow Games

It wasn’t long before Circe manage to creep out of the wood work again. With the help from one of her few faithful siblings, she manage to walk around in Bethany’s body and live her life in hiding. She built the ships Emerson order her too just to keep occupied. The pain of losing Marek was great and she was breaking. When the anniversary of his death came around, it was evident that her ability to fool others did not work on Oberon. He public humiliated her but she did not give in. Even in death, her loyalties were with Marek.

After the celebration, she has left with her sisters Ennoia and Hala. They left for Megavegas. That was a bad idea. There she was faced with a shadow of Johnathan who really helped the idea that she was a horrific monster really sit in. Hala saw that Circe has problems and decided to help. With the aid of a acid and a little guilt spell, Circe was dragged into her own mind to face her demons.

She had to accept the fact that she blamed herself for Marek’s death and that she was torturing herself. After throwing herself out a window at upper atmosphere she fell through shadows and into the grove of the unicorn. There she saw something that only two other people in existence have ever seen. She felt the death of Bethany in her mind was meant to happen then with this sight.

She then left the grove to join Hexion and Kord. The three of them dragged themselves through the shadow and managed to get to the center of the trump problem. They rescued Amon and got the hell out of there. The machine was not to happy that they had taken its battery. She was again beaten and broken, bleeding out on her ship. There an exchange happened that at the time she neither cared or could do much about. Ennoia with her bad timing again pulled her out and left her with a Hala to torture. She spent the rest of the time doing that before so disappearing off with Hexion.

The Empty Throne

While everyone was fretting about the disappearance of Oberon, no one noticed that Circe too has gone missing. Her mind has dragged her out far away from anyone she knew. She was in darkness. Alone, vulnerable and confused. Here she met a younger version of her own self. It was her fear. And then, out of the darkness, the past she thought was dead came. With no defense this time, she had no choice but to walk the Pattern of her mind. This took her into a new life.

It was a life of happiness. A life of peace. Margritte’s life. It was a new personality that came out of her messed of mind. Margritte was a good kind person. She was married to a fisherman named Taniel. Circe weaved in and out have non murderous blackouts. During them she learned what it was to stop killing and stop hating. She learned what it was like to have a happy normal life and to have a family. minus the annoyance of a dog, she was happy. That happiness cost her husband’s, daughter’s, and son’s life. Bethany left a wonderful note stating that she would not let Circe have any nice things.

Circe left that place, covered in her family’s remains. Soon to be lead into an annoying trap with Crystal. There she learned that Crystal is responsible for the resurrection of Bethany. She also ended up telling her that Hoexion traded her daughter for Kord’s life. They managed to get out and sail off into a shit storm.

This was however, Circe’s life. She leaves one place to meet an even more unpleasant place. None of it came to a surprise for her. They fought and fought while being dragged onto the black road. Circe wanted nothing more than to destroy the Lords of Chaos, but things were not looking well for her. She was shot up and fried. Just when things were grim though, something she didn’t expect happened. A light shown from the darkness and Marek came to save her. He took care of the Lords and got rid of Crystal. Circe thought she was dead, but it was all real.

Now that she has his back, she finally feels complete again. What will she do with herself, she has no idea, but one thing is for sure. Circe is a new woman and will change not only herself but everything around her.

Notable Possessions

“The Tools are in my hands. Time to reshape my world.”

Collateral Damage – Bethany’s weapon is best described as a ultility sword. With all of the unfortunate situations she lives through, she always manages to pull out some item to help her out. It maybe be that over the years she has just accepted the luck she was given, or she is just trying to get creative. The one thing all the forms have is no matter the use of the item, it can always be used to cause an unnessasary bloody mess.

The Umbral Stalker / Baby – Circe’s home is on the open sea and that is spent in her ship. As seen in the Sorcerer’s Rebellion, it can tear through shadows at great speeds. It is made of a dark, strong wood. Along the sides there is a pair of long, shadow like dragons that meet up at the head of the ship. The sails are black and it flys her flag. It was once the dragons in a rythmic circle, but now after Marek’s death it has become the pair coiling up around one of his swords. Recently, it has developed its own personality and living form. Circe has taken her home in as also as a friend on top of a ship.

An Ace Up Her Sleeve – Since the Sorcerer’s Rebellion, Hala has been collecting random spell racks of Marek’s that has been left out over the years. She has been handing them to Bethany with the idea they might mean something too her. Circe does keep them on her somewhere, but weather they are of any use, or if they were she could even use them is unknown. She honestly holds on to anything of his that she can get her hands on.

A Reminder of What Could Have Been – There is one thing that Circe keeps with her that never leaves her. It is a small ring that she keep tied around her neck. It seems to have no use other than looking nice, but Marek gave that to her, and she will never let it go.

Scarred by the Pattern – The Pattern and Circe have not been on good terms for a long time. Her fake leg is a physical embodiment of the pain and suffering she has endured over the years. The leg itself has proven, even though it has hindered her shape-shifting, to be useful. It has yet to meet anything that can damage it. This has saved her life on a few occasions. She does her best to just use it to her advantage.

Miscellaneous Info

“Blue means cold, right?”

Bethany’s Personal Colors – Black, White, and Gold

Circe’s Personal Colors – Black, Red, and Silver

Bethany’s Symbol – She doesn’t have her own. Just the symbol of Amber’s Navy.

Circe’s Symbol – A pair of coilled shadow dragons around a silver sword on a red background.

Bethany’s Character Model Used – Kate Bosworth

Circe’s Character Model Used – Elisha Cuthbert

Margritte’s Character Model Used – Olesya Rulin

Yna Beth’s Character Model Used – Chloe Mortez

Tabatha’s Character Model Used – Reese Witherspoon

Kathryn’s Character Model – Felicia Day

Bethany’s / Circe’s Soundracks -

  1. The Sorcerer’s Rebellion
  2. Shadow Games
  3. The Empty Throne
  4. The War of the Black Road


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