“Who are we?”

Among the Amberites, there are few who can measure up to the standard set by Amon. A consummate athlete, warrior, and philosopher, he has travelled farther afield than nearly any other sibling, and has borne witness to more splendors and horrors of Shadow than most could imagine. Amon stands out among his siblings in his kindness, bravery, and sheer dogged determination to face whatever stands in his path head on. Is it any wonder, then, that the one sibling to be captured by Legion was Amon?


Each of the Amon Units were physically identical to Amon in all aspects. They appeared to be constructed out of flesh and blood, standing at the same height and possessing the same strength and stamina. They dress identical to Amon, and speak identical to him as well. The original Amon Unit was a close enough replica of the real thing as to be able to even fool Oberon himself, and redirect Trumps to Amon to itself.

The Amon Units

Amon Prime: This was the first of the Amon Units. It was deployed at a point shortly after the capture of Amon by Legion to allay suspicions at his disappearance. It also served as a method to contain Amon’s psyche and prevent it from damaging Legion’s goals. It even had a functioning copy of Amon’s signature weapon, Oblivion, and its alternate form, Cuddles. Its programming eventually overwhelmed Amon’s psyche as it assayed Rhys’s construct in Shadow Earth, its illusions and shapeshifting being disrupted by the First Veil into becoming obviously a Trump creation. It was destroyed by Rhys in Shadow Earth.

Amon Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma: These were the second generation of Amon Units, released after the destruction of the Amon Prime unit. They were dispatched to engage Hexion, Circe, and Kored while they were in the Atonways. Amon was able to possess one of the units during the fight, and the Amberites were able to dispatch the Amon units with only moderate harm. Circe herself destroyed the possessed unit, even as it tried to make contact with the siblings.

Amon Unit 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 0A, 0B, 0C, 0D, 0E, 0F: The third generation of Amon Units were barely finished production by the time the Amberites reached the core at the Atonways. Amon Unit 03 was possessed by Amon in the core, and was destroyed shortly after they released the Amberite from the core. Amon Units 07, 08, 09, and 0A were destroyed as the Amberites fled from the core. The fate of the remaining Amon Units is unknown. These Amon Units all came equipped with fully functioning replicas of Oblivion that did not have an alternate form.


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