Ever wonder....


Enonia is of medium height standing about 5’8” tall. Her eye color varies from day to day and time to time but is most often either hazel or blue. Her hair is traditionally red and a little longer then shoulder length. Her skin is typically a pale white despite the fact that she spends a great deal of time outside. Enonia tends to were long dresses that are not terribly fancy but have a nice look to them, typically choosing blue or sometimes orange as their colors. She tends to talk in a quirky if somewhat upbeat method that is often absent around Amber. She also makes it a point to never carry a weapon on herself if she can help it.


Enonia arrived in Amber late in the evening and was taken to speak with Oberon late at night. There was no fan fair of celebrating to be had, no parties or feasts to commemorate her arrival. She just walked into Amber and spoke with Oberon, about what is unknown but he has since acknowledged her as his daughter and accepted her into the family. Since then Enonia spent a lot of her time in Arden, always seeming to get into trouble that she called on her siblings to help her with. She was always thankful and tried her best to never be impolite to any of them. As far as anyone knew she was a classic damsel in distress. Which amused some and agitated others. All this had to change when the sorcerers rebellion occurred. Not wanted to sit on the sidelines anymore she took it upon herself to uncover what she could about the various players in the latest event. Finding out that Marek was in fact Talon was just one part of a much deeper mystery. However once the rebellion died down she found herself wanting, and disappeared off into shadow for the first time since her arrival in Amber. Lately she has been back often to check up on how things are going and who is doing what. Often she likes to speak with her younger siblings to see their view points of the nature of the universe.


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