Crystal Thessala

Amber's Princess, Justice of the Realm, Last Child of Clarissa.


A lithe yet toned figure, about 6”1’ stands Crystal. Strong and fit yet not appearing very muscular. Her hair, dark dirty blond holds a wave reminiscent of her mother, and is loosely tied falling just to the small of her back. Her skin is a flawless light peach that tans nicely, but never burns when she has spent long time in the sun. Her eyes, definitely taken from her mother are a emerald green with flecks of gold upon close inspection.

What is the character’s general appearance?

Normally appearing on the city streets and in court in fine yet rather uncomplicated clothing. Normally a blouse and long skirt, her favorite colors appear to be blue and white, while at formal gatherings she tends to appear in more elaborate festive garb. No matter she always seems properly dressed for the occasion.

Her Personal symbol is a red eagle in a golden cage


Born on a bright summer’s day Crystal’s early years were happily spent as a family with her mother father and elder sister. Then one night there was arguing heard through the castle. Come morning Oberon was gone. To most all it was problematic, but to a 5 year old child it was world changing. This would happen twice more within crystal’s first 40 years of life alone. In her years as a child and an adolescent she was raised largely by argyle. By the age of 11 having learned to only argue important matters and give her mother a wide berth when she was having a mood. At the age of 13 she had begun to study sorcery under her mother, and learn a few quick and dirty tricks from her brother. She and her mother would spend weeks on end studying together, locked up in the castle or on trip to Kashfa. These were some of the happiest times crystal would recall. In this time spent never once was there an argument, never once were words of malice spoken. Far from their worries these were good times. Sadly such was not to last. As time would go on new responsibilities would force these retreats to become less and less frequent. During her thirties through her sixties crystal spent much of her time away from the castle. She came to know amber in an intimate way. She knew of courtly life and had learned much of how the kingdom was run from the top. What she didn’t know was how the majority of the kingdom went about their daily lives. She went about this in an effective and most unorthodox way. To the objection of her father and the confusion of everyone else, she left the castle with a spare set of simple clothes, money enough for half a weeks worth of common meals, and a hair brush. It was harvest time, so she went to the first farm that was looking for extra hands and demanded to be hired. Her next forty plus years were spent living the life of a commoner, visiting the castle only to study with her mother and on occasions which Oberon would not allow her to be absent. A farmer, a scribe, a bar maid(and bouncer), a longshoreman, a healer, a hunter. Crystal took as many different jobs as she was able to find. She was no longer just one of amber’s royalty, she was one of her people. Then one day a messenger came into the blacksmith she was working at the time. He carried news that crystal’s days as a commoner were over. It was short but as clear as day. “By decree of King Oberon you are to report to the castle and study to walk the grand pattern of amber”. Over the next 5 years Crystal studied under dworkin and her elder siblings who had walked the pattern before her. It was 5 years of startling revelations. Some of what she was to study, but most of just how bad life whiten the castle walls had become. during her thirty plus years away from home she was well aware that Oberon’s habit of disappearing from the castle had become more frequent, but she was not ready to learn how angry, violent, and frequent the arguments that had spurred him on had become.She would study on, but in the back of her mind such things bothered her. then it had finally come the day she was to walk the pattern. She had been taught well and had the benefit of her elder siblings’ experiences. So with confidence, determination, a smile from the old hobbit, and her family’s eyes on her back. She knew this was her right. to walk the pattern and take its power for her own, for her family, for her people. without falter, without second thought, without slowing down even once. then as she stepped into the center of all that is real, she was gone. her siblings had all had stories about being flung far into shadow, that where they ended up would have a meaning. some truth to be learned about one’s self. Yet she did not end up traversing the infinite distance of shadow, she merely traveled a few hundred yards. A garden overlooking the city and the ocean, right outside the castle gate. Amber. This was where she belongs. The pattern had told her so. having surmounted the greatest challenge set upon an amberite, Crystal was left with the question of what to do with her self. she knew that that her place was here, and she knew the most good she could do for her people would be done near the throne. so again, taking a less obvious, she set off into shadow. traveling from shadow to shadow for nigh 30 years in amber she would study skills she could not learn in amber proper, diplomacy, sciences, politics. she would spend much of this time with her brothers on shadow earth. upon her return, Oberon granted her a place as adjunct to the justice of amber so she could learn to be ambers fair and balanced hand of justice. Again upon her return she would find her parents even fighting even more violently then before. But, time went on, she eventually succeeded her predecessor as justice, and the fighting, the fighting stopped, it was just replaced by a cold bitter silence. This lasted for the better part of a century. Then it happened, the most terrible day in Crystal’s life. She was alarmed by a sudden commotion late in the night. an assassin had infiltrated the castle. there was a victim. she would spend the next 50 years mourning her mother.

Crystal Thessala

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