All Roads Lead to Amber

Session 31 20110203

[I Can’t Think of a Chapter Title]

Reese stood in his clinic flipping through Marek’s chart: several broken ribs, bruised organs, internal bleeding, fractures in the extremities, and trauma from head to toe. And yet, his vital signs are stable. He’s week, but alive. What the charts don’t reveal is that he is more substantial than he should be. Somehow he’s using his future destiny to sustain himself now. He cheats and he’s burning his future to do it.

Marek did mention where he has been hiding Dworkin’s first copy of the Apocrypha. Rhys went to fetch it and pick up Hala from Amber as well. Once she was back, he and Marek could talk to her about Trump, the one thing that neither he nor Marek really knew a lot about. As it turns out, Dworkin left 13 trumps of Doom lying around. Marek has been collecting them. He has seven, and Rosaline apparently has five. One was unaccounted for. The group decides to get the perspective of the Logrus.

Enonia goes to the oracles which were born when the spider first came to be.

They see destruction and a child and a monster and an oncoming storm

That which cannont be is

That which was to be is

That which can do and undo all things is

They mention a terrible birth

Enonia make a logrus construct of Suhuy to consult him. They discuss the possibility of an entity becoming greater than shadow, akin to the unicorn or the serpent, but not of them. Suhuy conjectures to Enonia about the act of generating a new Pattern or Logrus does to a person who as changed all of shadow…

Enonia’s phone rings. It is Rhys. He and Enonia talk and she decides to come to Earth.

[The Rundown]

The fauxmon looks at Crystal and smiles. “Hello Aunty.”

“It swings Oblivion at her head faster than Amon ever could.”

“She ducks, back flips over and charges in with a full strength sweep, which stops dead. fauxmon smiles and strikes back, glancing across Crystal. Crystal’s attacks cannot break him. She tells Clarissa to get help, she grabs Circe’s limp body, and books it.

“This is fun Aunty.”

“Last we checked I was your sister unless you’re not Amon.’

“Nope, this is a toy, a puppet.”

Crystal takes a blow and her wrap cushions it but it knocks her back regardless. She gets her footing and throws a flash bomb. Oblivion lashes out in crystal’s direction. Crystal breaks it with her wrap.

“I send these after Marek but he cheats. No one should cheat like he does, it’s not nice.”

“Marek cheats, niece…of…mine.”

“Maybe I’ll take you to mommy, but she doesn’t like you very much.”


“Yes, mommy and she hears everything. You two could talk about all kinds of things.”

“Uh huh…and why would a good little girl be chasing a bad man like Marek?”

“He cheats and he wants to stop me. He’s a bad man, and I send bad men to the cornfield.”

“Stop you from what?”

“Being all, are you going to tell me that I can’t have anything that I want?”

“No, but I’m going to disappoint you.”

She breaks a gold crystal and teleports to Arden. She starts to hellride and she is being perused by one of them. She tears through all of the Ardenite camps yelling ‘long live New Kashva’ and now all of the Ardenites are chasing her. She teleports back to Amber and smacks the one waiting for her with the other piece of Oblivion. The fakemon stops her dead in her tracks.

“Your not a bad person, so I can’t send you to the cornfield, and I don’t want to send you to mommy either, co I’m going to kill you instead. I hope that is okay?”

“Its not okay” bellows Oberon as he cuts it in half with his pattern sword.

“You’re a bad man.”

“I’m the worst” and with that he kills it.

“I had a bad feeling about something, and now I know why. I think it’s time that I speak to Rhys.”

Oberon casts a spell and orders an imp to get a hold of Torg and tells him that he needs to get a hold of Rhys. It comes back with ’he’s playing a video game’.


Oberon and Crystal teleport to outside the pattern room. Oberon walks into the break room to see Torg and Grif playing GTA 10.

“Oh hey Oberon…how ya been?”

“Good, how are you? Nice set up.”

“Rhys set it all up.”

“[Is the] Pattern room safe?”

“Considering the change in management, yes.”

“I need your phone.”

Torg reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone and hands it off to Oberon, all without pausing his game.

“I don’t understand the obsession with these gadgets…” mumbles Oberon under his breath.

Oberon dials Rhys off of the phones’ speed dial. It rings twice before picking up.

“What’s up Torg?”

“Not Torg.”

“I heard that you came out of hiding. It’s been a long time, father.”

“We need to talk. I hope you had a good reason.”

“Several, in fact. The point remains that he wasn’t intrinsically the issue. She was. It would have been real helpful to know about her real nature a long time ago. Now things have gotten way out of control.”

“I had my reasons and I though I had taken appropriate measures. That’s why I had those two rules.”

“And yet here we are. A little knowledge about these things would have been but an once of prevention, you know. Also, you have at least three rules.”

“Speaking of which, what have you told your daughter.”

“Everything. To do otherwise would be unthinkable.”

“Is it worth it?”

“You don’t think that having someone else who can protect the Patterns is a bad thing? Besides, the way I see things playing out, she’s the one that will be inheriting any legacy from the Unicorn, not myself.”

“Why do you say that?”

“She dreamt of the Unicorn giving her the Jewel long before she knew what it was or that it existed.”

“I think you should bring Tomo here and we should go to the Grove of the Unicorn.”

“She just assayed Earth’s Integral as first step in even higher order achievements. It’ll be a few hours before I’ll want to disturb her.”

“I wondered if Octavius could even walk Amber’s Pattern, and you tell me that this is possible?”

“Nyoko has walked Earth’s Pattern. I wrested Ciaus and Gwen out of the Abyss daemon-free. There’s a lot that is possible. When Tomo is ready, we’ll head over.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

“All things aside, I’m glad your back, father.”

Oberon hangs up the phone. Hands it back to Torg, stares at the 60-inch display and then mumbles about booze and heads back upstairs. Crystal goes to the infirmary to check in on Clarissa and Circe. Circe has a broken face, nose, and severe concussion. Shapeshifting keeps her from being permanently disfigured.

“It’s not the first time I’ve have had to beat the stupid out of her for doing the same thing” comments Crystal to Dr. Stevens.



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