All Roads Lead to Amber

Session 29 20101230


Maybe this is harder than I think. I was supposed to have a recording of the session (as I was home for the holidays) and that failed. As a back-up had written notes were taken on a PC tablet…which only yielded one page with two emoticons and twenty-two words. Awesome. Here’s what I know happened at the last session:

The Shadowstorm ended. Yay! Octavius decided to invite the family up to the castle in Amber to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the defeat of Chaos for the Feast of the Unicorn. Attendance was so-so. Rhys and his family were absent, as was Enonia. Not a problem since Oberon and Hexian crashed it. Rhys didn’t go because I was in Pennsylvania or because Rhys was looking into strange happenings in the very fabric of the Cosmos. Your choice.

I’ll update this when I have better information.

- The Log Editor.

Finally, More Notes:

[An Abridged Method of Story Telling]

As mentioned above, Octavius is indeed hosting a casual, defeating-chaos-celebratory feast which coincides with the Feast of the Unicorn. Incidentally, the boy finally got married. Emerson has changed color from a Rebman blue to white. Also, Emerson claims to be deceased but opts to elaborate on it further.

Circe and Clarissa (the Younger) are sailing about on calm seas aboard The Umbral Stalker to find a lost ship (The Southern Wind). The track it to a pirate’s cove protected with spiky rocks and wrecked ships. The pirates are working at stripping down the Southern Wind like a 16th century Spanish chop-shop. Our favorite pirate, Jameson Herrod is there, he claims the Southern Wind was his to begin with (Editors note: I’m inclined to believe his story) and then he blows it up. He then insights Circe into a rage by referring to her a simply a “payday” and she buys the bait and lunges into him only to find out that he was an illusion and the area around where his image was erupts into explosions. In the wake of the explosions is an Amon clone and a battle ensues. Eventually Circe and Clarissa are victorious when four more appear.

Crystal is heading her way back to Amber, whishing that she had a faster mode of transport. She attempts a trump and a motorcycle currier appears and has her sign for a package. It a trump. She then trumps Octavius. Octavius recommends getting a hold of Tomo for some faster transportation. After a fashion, a spear falls from out of the sky with the purpose an ferocity of a lightning bolt personally hucked by Zeus. Tomo steps around it and greats her aunt. The discuss returning to Amber and Tomo scribes a likeness of a pattern into the ground and tosses the spear in the direction of the destination.

Aiden and his new entourage appear after a deamon-fueled heck ride to Amber. Octavius casually mounted his dragon and went to intercept the local deamon insurgency. Once he realizes that it is Aiden, they head to the castle deamons, dragons and all.

Enonia was discussing the Feast of the Unicorn with her kids when she feels a bad vibe from the Logus. Instead of gong to the feast, she heads to the Logrus to find that it is attracting all of the exalted users to it. After some one-on-one time with the Logrus, she comes to find that some part of the “cosmic puzzle” that should exist now does. The Logrus fears for its well being and for reality itself. The Logrus then shows an image of the Unicorn near death in its grove.
Hexian and Oberon are walking toward Amber via Arden. They notice Jonas’ approach on a dragon. After some banter, Hezxian asks who is in Amber and mentions goint to Tir Na Nogth. Octavius manages to casually give a speech before Octavius and Hexian arrive, as if to punctuate the end. With their arrival, and the dramatic entrance of Tomo and Crystal, everyone who was coming arrives. Avalon is represented by Caius, Brutus, and Julia. Crystal joins the Kashvans, Tomo leaves (?). Amon Joins the Ardenites, Oberon, Hala, Emerson, and Octavius and family sit at the Amber table.

Back battling pirates, Marek appears and allows for Circe and Clarissa to escape. He says that the Amon units are there for him and to pass the message that “it’s coming for Rhys.”



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